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 Achieving academic and social success through leadership development, career, employmnet, college and vocation training opportunities


Our team in collaboration with the McKenzie Special School District in McKenzie, Tennessee operates a 21st Century Community Learning Center/TEAMS Institute.

Our 21st CCLC is one of 6,800 learning centers across the country supported by the United States Department of Education that helps K-12 students and their families achieve academic and social success through leadership development, career, employment, college and vocational training opportunities. Our focus is technology, engineering, arts, medicine and science (TEAMS).

Please enjoy the faces of the students and staff throughout this site who have benefited from after school funding provided by the State of Tennessee in Carroll County

We created this program in honor of the two educators that impacted the early history of education in McKenzie and Carroll County around the 1800s and 1900s, Professor J.L. Seets, principal of Webb School and S.E. Tucker, superintendent of Carroll County Schools.

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